HUG advocates for inclusion and connects people with disabilities to social events and activities

HUG Ambassadors

HUG Ambassadors are people of all ages and all abilities who want to make a meaningful impact in their community. Our Ambassadors raise awareness by educating others and advocating for people with special needs. Ambassadors help the HUG team by attending events, volunteering, answering questions and wearing their HUG t-shirt. Your role as a HUG Ambassador shows just how important volunteers and people with disabilities are to our community!

Meet the HUG Ambassadors

Check out how these HUG Ambassadors are pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions about people with disabilities

What do HUG Ambassadors do?

  • – Include others who may be feeling left out or lonely
  • – Say hello to new HUG friends and make them feel welcome at events
  • – Talk about HUG to your friends, family, co-workers and more
  • – Hand out flyers and brochures to help others learn about HUG
  • – Follow and Like HUG on Facebook and Instagram
  • – Encourage local businesses and organizations to be more inclusive
  • – Show others why they should include people with special needs
  • – Challenge stereotypes about individuals with disabilities
  • – Help the HUG Team at community events
  • – Wear your HUG t-shirt and use your HUG swag
  • – Have fun!

Rockstar HUG Ambassadors

Our HUG Ambassadors make regular appearances online and on HUG’s social media

Ask an Ambassador

Still have questions?
Nervous about attending your first event?
The HUG Ambassadors are here to help!

Become a HUG Ambassador

Are you ready to become a HUG Ambassador? Awesome!
Just email the HUG Team at or call (727) 489-5885