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Friends of HUG Bowling Night Strikes Up New Friendships

By March 12, 2018 February 28th, 2019 No Comments

Saturday night was quite the show of talent for the Friends of HUG group. Help Us Gather (HUG) hosts an adult social night for people of all abilities in Tampa Bay once per month encouraging members to make connections and have fun. This month we hosted an adult bowling night at Dunedin Lanes and we were very impressed by the great bowlers in our group.

Each lane had a team of bowlers of various abilities. Some had their own gear while others had not been bowling in years. Once we set the teams instant friendships were made and a little friendly competition started. Cheers could be heard as strikes were made, high fives were given all around, and advanced bowlers gave game tips to their new friends. A few members even made multiple strikes in a row with scores over 150.

As the night was winding down Melissa pulled off a high score of 163. Way to go Melissa!

Maybe HUG will start our own bowling team? That might be a future goal, but for now we are happy to connect people and build friendships.

Check out our highlight video below!


To join the fun or learn more about Friends of HUG go to our group page by clicking the link: