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Autism Shifts

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Today, there is a stigma associated with Autism.  As a whole, when people think of Autism, they think about the challenges associated with the diagnosis and can be more focused on what these individuals can’t do, rather than on their capabilities.  In other words, they see the cup as half empty.

At Autism Shifts, we see Autism in a very different way.  We look for and find all the positive aspects and capabilities of individuals with Autism and build upon those.

We serve Individuals with Autism

We help them discover or enhance their unique skills, abilities and interests and help empower them with the tools they need so they are able to fill their own cups and move towards employment and independence!  Through our workshops, training and educational programs and our events, we put them on their path so they can live their life on purpose using their unique talents and interests.

We serve Parents/Caregivers 

Because they play a key role in creating pathway towards employment and independence for their loved one, we serve parents, caregivers, and families.  Families are oftentimes in a situation where they are living in fear or hopelessness about the future.  They may not understand the diagnosis of Autism and how to best help their loved one (or themselves).  Through our workshops and educational programs, we are here to help families understand Autism and teach them the tools and strategies they need to help their children to lead fulfilled and productive lives.  We also want to help create Green Zone families that are living in a place of joy, hope and optimism about all the possibilities. 

We serve Businesses 

Businesses who are interested in becoming Autism Employment Ready to employ this talented, dedicated and focused market of untapped potential employees.  Many businesses are experiencing high turnover rates, lower productivity, lack of engagement and lower absentee rates.   We believe the Autism population can be an answer to these problems.  What we experienced is nothing short of magic when we place the right individual with autism with the matching skills and talents in the right employment role.

We serve the Broader Community 

Through our workshops, speaking engagements and community and civic group presentations. If you or your group want to know more about Autism, connect with us!

In Order to create a New World where all these things can happen, it will take individuals with Autism, their Parents/Caregivers/Families, Businesses and the broader community coming together to make this vision a reality!  If this is you or you feel called, we invite you to become an Autism Shifter!


Learn more about the various programs and events at Autism Shifts by clicking here.

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