Thank you, Sponsors!

We are grateful for the unwavering support and generosity of our sponsors. Your belief in our mission and commitment to promoting a community of inclusion for individuals with disabilities has truly made a profound impact. 


Thank you for your partnership, dedication, trust, and belief in what we do. Your support enables us to continue striving for excellence, challenging the status quo, and creating positive change. Together, we make the world a more inclusive place. HUG promises unforgettable celebrations, inclusivity, and accessibility for all. If you or your organization are looking to partner with HUG, please email us at [email protected]

With the donated funds, HUG’s:

Calendar serves 2,000+ households per month

Friends of HUG Social Group serves 150 – 250 people monthly

Ambassador Programs, with hundreds of active members

Accessible Beaches with Mobility Mats


How Your Support Helps

Why Inclusion Matters

1 in 4 households in America are affected by disability.

76% of people with disabilities feel alone and isolated.

People who are lonely get sick easier and have shorter lifespans.

Only 4% of businesses are inclusive of those with disabilities.

Adults with a strong social support network have fewer health problems and are happier.

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