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PARC’s mission is to provide opportunities for children & adults with developmental disabilities in Pinellas County to exercise their independence and experience life to the fullest. Our vision is a community where all individuals live with dignity and are treated with respect.

Edythe Ibold gave birth to daughter Midge in Pinellas County in 1948, who was diagnosed as mongoloid, which is now known as down syndrome. In 1952, Mrs. Ibold placed a small notice in The St. Petersburg Times inviting parents of intellectual and developmentally disabled children to a meeting in the St. Petersburg City Hall.  26 people attended this initial meeting.

From these humble beginnings in the St. Petersburg City Hall, PARC has grown to be known as a progressive leader in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities in Florida.  With over 40 programs, PARC offers many choices to the Pinellas County community it serves.

PARC is proud to provide over 40 services to over 800 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Pinellas County.  By sharing our incredible stories, PARC strives to spread the vision, mission, and values that have been instilled throughout PARC’s history.

PARC helps children teens and adults with disabilities focus on what they can do rather than what they are unable to do. Children with special needs and their families receive early intervention services from an interdisciplinary team including teachers, social workers, nurses, behavior analysts, and therapists.  Services can be given on the PARC campus, at the child’s home or in an environment chosen by the family.

For teens and adults living with a disability in Pinellas County, PARC embraces a “person-centered” approach that allows staff to assist PARC participants in making their own choices.  PARC staff also work with individuals who are important in the participant’s life, such as family members, guardian, and friends.  Participants can actually design their life, choosing what they would like to do, where they would like to live and where they would like to work.

These effective services help the children, youth and adults who receive PARC services and their families improve their quality of life in the simple everyday experiences that make up all our lives. PARC works with individuals of all abilities including but not limited to multiple sclerosis (MS), muscular dystrophy (MD), Tourettes syndrome, down syndrome, developmental delay, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and a range of others.

PARC promotes a high level of support and services for each individual in over 40 programs throughout Florida.  Attention to each client’s individual needs ensures they receive the highest quality care.  Our children and adults are valued and appreciated as unique individuals and it is their personal goals and desires that keep us focused on our mission.

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